The Natural Beauty Ingredient I Couldn’t Live Without

When purchasing beauty products, the most important thing to me is natural ingredients.  I hate putting products full of synthetic chemicals on my skin and face when nature provides far superior natural alternatives.  One of my favorite natural ingredients is honey.

From my skin regimen to my hair care, honey is where it’s at.  Honey contains natural antibacterial properties which make it great for fighting acne and keeping your complexion clear. It also acts as a great moisturizer to soften your skin and hair. So here it is, my top three honey containing beauty products.

1. Lush’s Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo

Me Lou Things We Do - Fairly Traded Honey

Recently, with the dry weather  in my area, my hair has been unmanageable.  My curly hair became very dry and brittle, making it weak and damaged.  It was a mess.  I was in search for a new shampoo that would control my frizz while making my hair more moisturized, manageable and healthy.  Lush’s Fairly Traded Honey worked perfect! After only a few washes, I noticed my hair looking shiny and healthy again.  The shampoo has a thicker consistency and lathers well.   The sweet honey smell also lingers in your hair for hours.

2. The Naked Bee Orange Blossom Honey Hand & Body Lotion

Me Lou Things We Do - Naked Bee

The Naked Bee is a great moisturizer, It absorbs well into the skin without leaving a sticky layer behind.  It adds long lasting moisture to dry, cracked hands.  This is my go to moisturizer for my hands in the winter time.  The Naked Bee has a variety of scents but I love the Orange Blossom, it’s very bright and refreshing.  The Naked Bee also contains aloe to help heal and sooth dry skin.  Also, this company does no animal testing.

3. Lush’s Ultrabland Facial Cleanser   

Me Lou Things We Do - Lush Ultrabland

I started using Ultrabland about 8 months ago, and have never looked back.  This facial cleaner is different than any other cleanser you have ever used.  Lush takes all the great things bees make such as beeswax and honey and pack it into this amazing product. Ultraband is a thick balm like consistency, you take about a pea size dab on your finger and smear it around your face.  Next you mist your towel or cotten pad with toner or water (I prefer Tea Tree Toner) and use the pad to wipe away Ultrabland along with all the dirt and make up covering your face.  This cleanser is so deep cleaning, my skin has never felt better.  Right after I clean my face, it feels like my pours can actually breath again.  The beeswax and honey leave your face feeling clean and locks moisture in while balancing your skin.  This cleanser is very gentle and works with any skin type.  I gave a few of my friends a sample and they immediately went out and purchased some.  This stuff is like gold and it’s all thanks to those little honey bees!

So, shout out to all those honey bees out there! Thanks for making such a great natural beauty ingredient to keep my skin and hair healthy and moisturized… couldn’t do it without you! If you need a little moisture in your life, check out these great products or share some of your favorite honey products!


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