Lush – Life’s A Beach Body Scrub

On July 6th, Lush came out with a limited edition body scrub called Life’s A Beach.  Luckily I bough 4 because I am in love with this product.

What is Life’s A Beach?

In an attempt to banish plastic microbeads used for exfoliation by other companies, Lush released Life’s A Beach to provide a completely natural and environmentally safe alternative for body exfoliation.   Microbeads are not filtered out of water and end up in our lakes/rivers etc. as they are not biodegratable.  By using natural exfoliants such as sand and sea salt, Lush has created an effective body exfoliator without the harmful effects of plastic beads.

How to use:

Life’s a Beach is a free powder (basically the consistency of sand) inside a pot, so you must be very careful not to get your unused portion wet while in the shower.  Instead of taking the whole pot in the shower and risk getting water inside the pot, I pour just what I need for my Me Lou Thing We Do - Life's A Beachshower into a small dish and bring it in with me.  I get all scrubbed up with soap and rinse, then scrub with Life’s a Beach over my whole body. Then rinse away!

Does it work?

Yes! I came out of the shower and my skin was brighter and softer.  The main ingredient is fine sea salt so it gives you a good scrub. I felt like I had just walked off the beach! Also, this product has an amazing warm vanilla-caramel scent.  It smells beautiful while in the shower and the scent lingers for about an hour or two after the shower.  It is a more intense scrub so I would stay away from using on my face, but it worked beautifully for my feet, arms, legs and torso!

Worth the price?

Lifes’s a Beach is $6.95 for a 3.3 oz pot. I only used a small amount in the shower, and it was enough for my whole body.  I would estimate I could get about 10-15 showers out of one pot, so all in all, I’d say it is well worth the price.

Overall, I really enjoy using this body scrub, It has a wonderful warm and subtly sweet smell that lingers but isn’t too overpowering. All the profits from Life’s a Beach sales will be donated to organizations who are fighting microbead pollution in our water systems.  So I get soft skin and a little satisfaction that my money went to a good cause – what more could I ask for?  If you stop by a Lush be sure to grab some or purchase some on-line while you still can! I plan on saving myself a pot for the winter time so I can pretend like I am on the beach while there is 2 feet of snow on the ground.

What are some of your favorite natural body scrubs?


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